Chimney Sweep Services in Alameda

Restoring Your Home

For over two decades, East Bay Chimney Service has provided the East Bay of Northern California with full-service chimney sweeps by friendly and considerate sweepers. Located in Alameda, our reliable team of professionals service clients in the surrounding areas. At East Bay Chimney Service, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and strive for complete customer satisfaction.

Some of our major services include:

  • Damper installation: An air duct damper conserves heating and cooling energy use by allowing the homeowner to limit airflow to certain zones. Dampers are sound investments as they can decrease utility bills.
  • Spark caps: Capping chimneys prevents animals from making nest in vents, keep moisture from rainfall out, and stops embers from burning the roof. This service can be performed quickly and efficiently for your overall peace of mind.
  • Liner installation: Chimney liners reduce creosote buildup and make fireplace maintenance easier. Liners also decrease the chances of a carbon monoxide leak or chimney fire. Often, homeowners are required to update their chimney’s liner at least twice a year.
  • Wall and floor, furnace, dryer and gutter cleaning: We offer comprehensive chimney sweep services for by experienced professionals. Instead of trying to clean out your furnace yourself, let our dedicated experts handle it for you!
  • Chimney bracing: Secure tall chimneys and prevent loose bricks from collapsing by reinforcing them with bracing. Call us immediately if your flue is in disrepair.
  • Gutter Cleaning: Spring and summer only.

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Our experts can transform your antiquated fireplace into a safe and updated appliance. With decades of experience, our staff can inspect and clean your chimney, dryer vents, and more! We offer free estimates on all of our services. Speak to one of our friendly representatives about your chimney, dryer vent, or gutter needs by calling us at (510) 522-1323.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Friendly Sweepers
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